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Ja ne [05 Mar 2005|10:09am]

Since everyone's gone, anyways...I'm quittin the RP. I've got too many. See ya around in other RPs,'s been fun.
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My first post.. [24 Jan 2005|09:50pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Yami No Bakura walked into the stairway of the Pharaoh's tomb and started to grab the puzzle. But then the Pharaoh came...

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[21 Jan 2005|10:43pm]

I would like to RP as Yami No Bakura..
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[19 Jan 2005|09:05pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Mai Kujaku walked into the frezzing cold and started to freeze. She only had a few more steps to take and then she would be in her car. She took one step toward her car but then her rottweiler jumped on her.
"JouKuAni, you stupid mutt, off!!!" she screamed to the dog as she fell to the ground onto the freezing snow. She was now soaked in dog slobber and freezing her ass off. She decided to just forget about getting up and soon picked her pen up from the snow. She then opened her backpack and got out her notebook. Then she began to write:

Janurary 19, 2005
I am so confused. I don't understand. I've been out of Dartz's group for going on two weeks. I am just now getting my feelings back. There is however one feeling I wish I would have lost and never gotten back. That feeling is my crush on Jounouchi. I told him that I needed love in my life but he didn't even read between the lines. I should just go out and yell it at him. I should just say "Jou I love you!!" and it over with. Maybe if that happens, he'll understand that it's not a friendship I need, It's love.

Mai Kujaku

(( My cousin wants to RP as Yami No Bakura))

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Mai's first Jounral entry [10 Jan 2005|08:48pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Mai Kujaku thought about Siegfiend with great suspension. She thought maybe he/she worked for Dartz but remembered that she once worked for Dartz herself. It was Amelda she was thinking of. She then wondered for a while where this boy/girl had come from and how...she knew him/her.
Mai picked up her notebooks and looked at the time. She noticed that she still had one hour and 30 minutes left before she went to DuelMonsters Academy, the college she went to, so she decided to write in her journal:

January 10, 2005
My friends have noticed my change. I wonder if the seal of Oricalcose had anything to do with this. I feel like I'm becoming more and more evil every day. I'm starting to not even care about my life. Dartz promised me everything I wanted but I have nothing. I feel as if my whole life if falling apart. Maybe I should have stayed in the Shadow Realm. Maybe I should have stayed trapped in the darkness.

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Mai Kujaku's NEW outfit [04 Jan 2005|09:20pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

Mai Kujaku walked out to the staircase of her house and noticed that she had left her new suit out. She was so relived and quickly grabbed it.
As soon as she brought it in, she took a shower and then put it on. She looked in the mirror at her new suit that she got and noticed two things: How hott she looked in it and that her trenchcoat had the KaibaCorp logo on it. There was no surprise who made this for her but she wondered why he did. There was also a letter in the deck box. She read it as soon as she saw it:
Hope you like the new outfit but don't think I'll keep being this nice because I won't. This was a one time thing. Remember that!
Seto Kaiba, CEO KaibaCorp

(( This is her NEW outfit:
Blood red Trenchcoat (like Seto's)
Black spaghetti strapped t-shirt
Skin tight black leather skirt
Blood Red arm gloves (those things she wears on her arm)
Blood Red deck box (around right calf)
Had to make her look better than she already looked. Besides, she was getting tired of the same old look. ;D ))

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Mai trip from the hospital [31 Dec 2004|01:46am]

[ mood | cranky ]

((This takes place three weeks after the hotdog incident.Look in my second post if your confused.Nice going Malik...It also occurs at night))

Mai Kujaku awoke as she saw Jounouchi driving her to her house. She had just noticed that he was getting out of the car and carrying her to her bed. She didn't understand exactly why but she was hurting to much to ask. She was having extremely bad headaches which were causing her to hurt all over.
Mai watched as Jounouchi covered them with silk blankets and turned off the lights. She was wondering why Jou wasn't trying to have sex with her but because of her headache she didn't ask. She just laid there and tried to sleep.


Mai got out of her bed feeling alot better. She was not hurting as bad but was hurting. She tried to stand up but soon found out that she couldn't. She saw Jounouchi bring her some oatmeal. She smiled, kissed him (a long 3 minute french kiss), and started to eat. Then Malik came in.

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OOC ANNOUNCEMENT [30 Dec 2004|07:03pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Eveyone join my community. It's Duelmonsters_RP.

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[29 Dec 2004|09:25pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Mai walked into the cold night wearing the usual and the strange new duel disk she just got form Varon. She didn't understand why he gave it to her but she decided to wear it anyways.
"I wonder how Jounouchi will feel when he sees me wearing something that Varon has given me. Maybe he will understand. He just needs to know that no matter what, in the end. he is the one with my heart and always will be."

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[27 Dec 2004|08:25pm]

[ mood | determined ]

I would be honored to RP as Mai Kujaku

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[29 Nov 2004|01:53pm]

I would like to post as Peggy without his eye!!!
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[03 Nov 2004|06:38pm]

I'm leaving this community, in fact, leaving most of the role-play communities I'm in. Hopefully, you can find a more active character to replace me.

Thank you.
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<<;; [07 Sep 2004|09:30pm]

[ mood | okay ]


I apologise for the lack of post, but then the finals are approaching [which Kou-chan has already mentioned when she quit all the role-plays she was in] and I will be dead IF I don't get 60% and over. Yes. My life hangs on stake.

So that means Ryou will not be active at all... He doesn't have a reason to live anyone after Yami Baku left, in the first place... Sorry. Tendershipping tendencies.

I will return after the first week of October, after the finals... and hopefully, I can stay on as Ryou?

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Withdrawing [02 Sep 2004|06:22pm]

[ mood | worried ]

My End of Years are coming up, and I realised a long time ago that if I wanted to get a decent 70% overall grade, I would have to put in effort so I'm pulling out of all the RP's I am in so that I don't occupy spaces which people want (if you haven't already kicked me out) and so I can concentrate without having the big bad guilty conscience behind me. So, yeah, I'm sorry for having wasted people's time!
Posted everywhere.

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Let's Play Clue >DDD [30 Aug 2004|11:59am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Yami donned his blue jacket, staring out of the Kame Shop's window. He was bored, needless to say, and he wanted to duel. Or basically kick someone's behind in a game.

His gaze traveled to a couple of old board games, sitting in the top shelf of Yuugi's bedroom. Picking the shabbiest one, he pulled it down.


Oh dear... He looked down at the broken box, dismayed. Looking at the mess of the pieces of Clue, he picked up the instruction booklet, and began to read.


Grinning, Yami stepped out of the Kame Shop, intent on showing everyone his superior Clue skills...

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Hello? [30 Aug 2004|11:05am]

[ mood | restless ]

Is anybody there? If nobody post in two weeks, I am going to abandon this community, unless you post and say otherwise. Besides, I think there's more than enough Yuugiou RPs around here. Just letting you know!

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Hello people again! [19 Aug 2004|09:52am]

[ mood | grateful ]

((I'm back from England! ^^ I had a great time, but I really missed you guys. I want to thank parallel_entity sooooo much for taking over the community while I was gone! THANK YOU!!!!! BTW, I luv the layout! *hug* ^______________^))

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Yami...Wants YOU!....Or at least, your vote xDDDD [18 Aug 2004|01:31pm]

[ mood | ^____________________________^ ]

((This post is OOC))

Mwhahaha. After two weeks, I have finally created an icon for this community. ^_____________^ Yes, I'm so lazy xD

You shall find them.... Under the powerful LJ cut :D Ph34r But beware.... They are animated! *spooky noise xD*

...Just click it >> <<Collapse )

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New layout. [08 Aug 2004|03:25pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I fiddled with the layout of the community. Now it's an Atemu wallpaper background, and I really like it a lot.

There's a bunch of other things I can do with this community, so if anyone has any ideas, I'm willing to give them a try.

Suggestions are good. XD! Tell me how you like this thing.

-yavi_no_hikari, over and out.-

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[08 Aug 2004|09:53am]

[ mood | hungry ]

Yami Bakura decided to go on a long and tedious journey in search of a magical entity that would make him very happy. This magical entity was none other than mocha ice-cream.

Narrator: It was a fine day! The sun was shining! The birds were chirping! The trees were swaying to the song of the wind! It was bright and cheerful and all the young kids were out in the sun, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, suddenly the silence was broken by an abrupt shout of....

Bakura: SHUT UP!

Bakura really wanted his ice cream and the annoying narrator was pissing him off. But as for now...

he wanted lunch.

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